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The Introduction of International Exchange Center

Education in the 21th century of Taiwan
will be confronted with severe difficulties:    on the one hand, the sources of enrollment declining because of the birthrate getting down inside of the island, on the other hand, the competition globalization of Education Talents. These double structural changes prompt those educators to reform the organizations internally and develop strategic alliances externally in order to increase sustainable niche.

During this rotation of qualitative change, it has been realized that footing in Taiwan, and overlooking in global will be the issue we must face in the near future; furthermore, it is a new page updated and indispensable for the education. Therefore, the International Exchange Center contributes seven oriented promotions to the new business progress with international exchange.

First, plan and promote international exchanges

Second, promote cross-strait academic exchanges

Third, promote the exchange of teachers and academic achievement

Fourth, implement the exchange student program

Fifth, accept foreign students through some special programs

Six, receive foreign dignitaries visiting

Seven, promote Chinese language center ‘s business continually
All businesses in the Center are divided into the terms of short, medium and long-range planning, and implemented through the results of annual review.

The Centre is a platform for the development of international cooperation in the school with a director in charge of all business and other three contract-based employees. Hope that through this media, all of the school departments may make a real and effective exchanges and cooperation with the school’s sister universities. It is expectable that the school may open a new international cooperation page through international exchanges and cooperation.